Move a site with no URL changes

Overview: Site moves without URL changes

Move your site when there are no visible URL changes

This guide shows how to minimize the impact on your Google Search performance when migrating your site's hosting infrastructure. For example, when switching hosting providers or moving to a content distribution network (CDN). This guide is only for migrations that do not affect the user-visible URL; if you are making visible URL changes, start here instead.

Move your site

  1. Review FAQs and basic information about site moves. Know what to expect, and how it might affect your users and rankings.
  2. Prepare the new hosting infrastructure. Upload your content to the new servers or configure your CDN and your origin servers, and test it.
  3. Start the site move. Change the DNS settings of your domain name to point to the new hosting infrastructure. This step is the actual site move step that starts the process of sending your traffic to the new infrastructure.
  4. Monitor traffic. Keep tabs on the traffic served by the old and new hosting.
  5. Shut down. Shut down the old hosting infrastructure when you’re confident that all users are receiving content correctly from the new infrastructure and no one is using the old infrastructure.
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