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Group and wrap elements

Grouping and wrapping are both ways to work with a set of elements as if they were a single object. Groups and wraps can contain any number of elements, including nested elements and other groups and wraps. They can also contain animated elements and events as well.

Wrapping elements

Wrapping elements gives you a lightweight way to work with multiple elements. When you wrap a set of elements, they get placed within a div, which you can manipulate as a single object.

Grouping elements

Grouping elements creates a reusable objects that can be placed in documents as "instances", which are references to the group's elements. Using multiple instances of the same group gives you a smaller file size than when you copy and paste the same content outside of a group. Any change that is made to the group is reflected in all the instances of that group.

Groups are also assets, and appear in the Asset Library. They can be used on the workspace, or placed into a nested div, in much the same way as any other asset.

Groups Overview