Create a data feed for Google Ads dynamic ads

Feeds contain the product data pulled into your dynamic ads, such as prices and images.

Feeds for the previous AdWords experience contain three sections: Design, Headline, and Product. Feeds for the new Google Ads experience only support Product data.

1. Identify your business type

Your feed will contain different attributes, depending on your business type.

  • Education
  • Flights
  • Hotels and rentals
  • Jobs
  • Local deals
  • Real estate
  • Retail
  • Travel
  • Custom

Learn more about each business type.

In Google Web Designer, the feed type is known as the data schema. Learn how to select the data schema.

2. Create your feed

The feed for each business type has a different set of attributes. For example, feeds for Flights can include an origin name and destination name. Use the feed template for your business type to make sure you provide the appropriate data. You can fill in details about your products or services using a spreadsheet program.

Download a CSV feed template for your business type.

3. Upload your feed


If your business type is anything other than Retail, upload your feed to your Google Ads account.


If your business type is Retail, upload your feed to Google Merchant Center:

  1. Create and set up a Merchant Center account.
  2. Verify your website.
  3. Link Merchant Center and Google Ads.
  4. Register your feed in Merchant Center.
  5. Upload your feed in Merchant Center.

The first three steps are only required once, before you upload your first feed. Afterward, you can register and upload additional feeds.

4. Create sample data (optional)

When you select a data schema, Google Web Designer automatically generates a set of sample data. These sample images, prices, and text may give you a better idea of how your ad will look to potential customers, but don't reflect your actual products or services.

To preview your ad using more relevant data, you can create a set of sample data based on your feed's contents.

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