Add assets to the Library

Image, video, and audio files can be placed in the document workspace and the Library at the same time, or they can be added to the Library directly. See the list of supported asset types.

You can only add assets to the local version of the Library. To add files to the Studio Asset Library, sign in to your Studio account.

Add assets to the document workspace

  1. On your computer, select the images, audio files, or video files that you want to use.
  2. Drag the assets to the document workspace.

The assets appear both in the document workspace and in the Library.

Add assets to the Library panel

There are multiple ways to import assets:

  • Drag the assets from your computer to the Library panel.
  • Click the Import assets button  at the bottom of the Library panel, then select the assets you want to add by browsing your computer's file system.
  • Use the File > Import assets... menu command, then select the assets you want to add by browsing your computer's file system.

The assets appear in the Library for future use in your document.

Refresh the Library

You can find the files for local assets in the assets subfolder within the Google Web Designer project folder on your computer. If you've added files directly to the assets subfolder, click the Refresh assets button  at the top of the Library panel to see the files listed. Note that the Library doesn't display all file types.

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