Changing orientation on mobile ads

This feature is unavailable for AMPHTML ads.

In some cases you may wish to have a mobile ad respond to orientation changes, with separate landscape and portrait layouts. Google Web Designer lets you handle this two ways, using either responsive layout or alternate pages.

1. Responsive layout

If you're using responsive layout, you should create separate portrait and landscape views using media rules.

Mobile ads which allow fullscreen video should use responsive layout so that video playback won't be interrupted by orientation changes.

2. Alternate pages

You can create alternate orientation pages for each page by going to the Page properties section of the Properties panel, and setting the Alternate Page to the page ID of the page with the opposite orientation.

If you create a non-responsive ad using separate pages for each orientation, but later change the ad to use responsive layout, you will need to clear the Alternate page property and add separate landscape and portrait media rules for your ad to work correctly.
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