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Known issues

Launch issues

Black screen: In some cases, Google Web Designer launches and immediately becomes a blank black screen. Before reporting a bug, check to see if all your video card drivers are up-to-date and installed.

White screen: In some cases, Google Web Designer shows a white screen on launch when it's behind a proxy server. Please follow these instructions for proxy settings.

Label truncation

Some localized versions have minor label truncation.

Installer (Ubuntu only)

After installation using the Software Center, the wrong icon is shown in the Launcher.
Workaround: Log out and then log back in, or unlock Google Web Designer from Launcher and relaunch.


Different assets with the same filename, but in different folders, are not copied correctly into the upgraded/published folder.


Publishing to DoubleClick Studio doesn't work for advertiser-level designers.

Intermittent: When publishing to Google Drive or DoubleClick Studio, the dialog doesn't open after signing in or switching accounts. Workaround: Open the Publish dialog again.

Cannot publish a multi-page Banner file to DoubleClick Studio when one of the pages is marked as "Expanded". Workaround: Switch to Code view, change Banner to Expandable in the meta tag for the template, or use an Expandable ad file.

When an asset is missing, uploading to DoubleClick Studio results in an error creating the Studio package.

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