Expandable ads

Design the banner page

When you create a new expandable ad, Google Web Designer creates both a banner page and an expanded page. In addition, a Tap Area component called "expand-button" has been automatically placed on the primary page, set to go to the secondary page when touched or clicked. A Tap Area component called "close-button" has also been placed on the expanded page.

To set up your primary banner page:

  1. Use the selection tool to move the Tap Area component into the work area outside the main banner area.
  2. Add images, video and other assets by dragging them into the work area, or by using image tags.
  3. Arrange your images and any other elements you want to use on the stage.
  4. Optionally create animations or bring components onto the page.
  5. If you're creating a Responsive ad, add breakpoints, then restyle each new size range.
  6. When your banner is complete, select the Tap Area component and click the "Bring to top" button.
  7. Position the Tap Area component over the banner, resizing if necessary.
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