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When phone & watch are ringing & I need to silence them both,I put my palm on watch,phone keeps ring When phone and watch are ringing and I want to silence them both, I put my palm on the watch, the wa…
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Can't copy account on smartwatch Hi, I try to connect my first Wear Os smartwatch to my phone but when the app try to copy my google …
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For messaging, can you interact with and see entire conversations on the watch? Or just one message? We are debating buying the Fossil Gen 5 watch and before we do we want to know if it is possible to …
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Fossil gen 5 Juliana not connecting to Xiaomi Redmi Note 7 Fossil gen 5 was successfully connected to Xiaomi Redmi Note 7 when I first bought it. There was no …
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Can i locate my android from my wear os smartwatch? I would like to locate my phone location from my watch and not just to make it ring. Is it possible?
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Will Wear OS work with Kospet Optimus Pro running on android wear 7.1.1. I haven't tried anything. How to display may application screen May applications screen please display naw.
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Wear OS 2 with Supervised Family Link Account - Account Action Required Trying to setup Ticwatch E with account that is currently supervised by Google Family Link. Can add …
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