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Fossil gen 5 doesn't vibrate I recently got a Fossil gen 5. Everything works great except it doesn't vibrate. Not once, not ever.… Google assisatant not working on wear after latest Google search beta update. Google assistant request on wear to send messages ends with an open on phone prompt after latest Goo…
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Kids watch on WearOS (family link) I am eagerly looking for a kids smartwatch that runs WearOS (my kids are 5 and 8). I would like to i…
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Using internet that requires a login after connection? I work for a big university, and in addition to their internet being password protected, employees a… I am not able to send any messages or WhatsApp through assistant from my fossil gen 5 watch. I am getting unknown error g524292, when I am try to send any message or WhatsApp from my fossil gen…
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How to change Fahrenheit to Celsius on fossil Smartwatche Q Ventura I live in Spain and the watch shows the weather in Fahrenheit. I need it to be un Celsius. I have re… Frequent Bluetooth disconnects after recent updates on Google Pixel 2 I have a Google Pixel 2 XL with latest updates from Jan and Diesel Full Guard (Fossil) watch with We…
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No longer getting vibrations for notifications Since the latest update to Wear OS (Nov 18, 2019) I am no longer getting vibrations for notification… Weather app not updating properly Hi, my problem is the following: When I open the built in weather app, the app never shows me the cu…
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unable to generate message or from my fossil gen 5 paired to s9 when selecting # from "contacts" unable to generate message or call from my fossil gen 5 paired to s9 when selecting # from "contacts…
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Why Auto Deleting All Message Notifications From 1 Person when you answer only at one message? Why Wear OS on watch Deleting All Message Notifications From 1 Person (what's up, telegram, sms) whe…
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Why am I unable to open an SMS app from within the WearOS Contacts App? I am able to send text messages both via Google Assistant and the dedicated Messenger app. However, …
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Ticwatch Pro no longer receiving Android Messages notifications and everything is turned on? I am using my ticwatch pro with the latest software updates and I'm using my Pixel 2XL and Android M…
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Unable to send messages with Google Assistant My Fossil Sport used to send text messages no problem but since 2 days ago when I use Google Assista… When can we expect more countries to support Android Pay on Wear OS? I recently bought a Fossil Smartwatch which was pretty expensive, but now it turns out Android Pay f… [SOLVED]: Account Action Required for G Suite Users This issue was driving me crazy like so many people. After combing through various forums and trying…
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Dial face to stay active, instead of sleep mode I have turned on setting "Always On" in 'display'. But the watch face shows for a second and goes in… Watch storage issues Phone app closes everyone I open watch storage on the wear os app
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Outlook app does not show meetings in watch i have been using outlook app on the phone for a while on different android watches,it shows emails …
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Battery drain extremely fast after Wear OS "H" update I've done a factory reset
0 Recommended Answers 29 Replies 122 Upvotes
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