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How do i factory reset my LV Tambour Horizon smartwatch when I’ve accidentally put on pattern lock tried a long winded method provided by LV but didn’t work
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Checking for updates for Wear google play is unresponsive My Sony Smart watch has been working fine for years, however I changed my phone from an Honor 8 to M… Cannot open messages app, says it needs permissions but it already has permissions When I try to open the messages app it says it needs permissions in order to function, but it alread… Why are my steps not showing up on Michael kors watch on the app? My move/❤️ min show on watch only Tried everything I know
0 Recommended Answers 10 Replies 24 Upvotes
No sync with phone (s9) apps/gp apps on sony smartwatch 3 Hello! Yesterday I updated my s9 to 9.0, but today I tried to reinstall an app on my watch and after… How can I repair my smartwatch? My screen doesn't work (any response) How can I get my phone to videotape who ever uses it I want to videotape anybody using my phone
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Asus ZenWatch 3 stuck on "continue setup on phone screen" I was setting up my watch and my phone shut off mid setup when the watch says "continue setup on pho…
0 Recommended Answers 7 Replies 0 Upvotes
No vibration for some Google applications Some Google applications vibrate on notifications only when vibration is disabled in applications se…
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My watch is not counting steps. Model:SmartWatch 3. Device Name: SmartWatch 3 2484. Version Android My watch is not counting steps. This issue started after updating the Wear OS. Closing Wear OS app stops notifications to Sony Smart Watch 3 (ZTE Nubia z17 lite) Every time I close Wear OS app I lose all the notifications to Watch and when app is open again I ha…
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my I phone does not find my misfit vapor it keeps having both are unavailable Want phone and watch to pair and stnc
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Is support dropped on wear os 1.5? I can't sync any of my apps anymore (moto 360 and galaxy s9 pie) Reset my watch multiple times, tried older versions of the wear app on my phone, tried the same thin…
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I already paid 19.99 plustaxthis morning im looking at 39.99 for 1 yr sodo i pay 20 mote now plus tax.is I already have paid $19.99 plus tax because I thought I was getting antivirus help ON my internet no…
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My Wear 24 watch won't install the software update after downloading. I have tried restarting the watch. Factory resetting a few times. Every time it is done downloading …
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