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Updated: Yesterday
Why cant I set up non gmail email accounts.? Hi all..Having just purchased a new Fossil Gen 5 watch Im amazed that there does not seem to be a ea…
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I Can't Install Wear OS By Google Why Can't I Install/Download Wear OS By Google On The Play Store. I Have Been Waiting For It To Down… corrupt device May not Work Properly The Watch is stuck on the main logo after giving an error of corrupt device may not work properly it…
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Google fit on my Q Venture HR watch "didn't save." When I attempt to set up Google fit it won't go past the step before entering height and weight. It …
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Mileage tracked on Google Fit is much less than tracked on Runkeeper. Is GF accurate? Ive tried reporting it but have gotten transferred from Google Fit to Wear OS. It's frustrating. I h… Wear OS not connecting to Fossil Gen 5 Carlyle HR 1360 Fossil Gen5 Watch was working ok till the recent Wear OS update on the phone. Tried all the options …
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How do I turn off notification sounds and leave notification vibrations on for my Wear OS watch? I was originally only getting vibrations for notifications - now I'm getting sounds which I want to … Control Spotify on the phone via the watch. So I just bought a Huawei Watch 2. Sport. On my phone I've Spotify as my main music service on Googl…
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reminders not working on watch Everything is up to date on Fossil Sport and Note 8. If I use Google Assistant on phone or watch or …
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The screen lock is toggled ON, but watch doesn't lock when removed Last week, I found that Google Pay payments had stopped working with my watch (a Fossil Gen 5, Wear …
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How do I back of my album I am tried to my smart watch working
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New Fossil GEN 5 SmartWatch Carlyle Call voice breaks. I have bought new Fossil GEN 5 SmartWatch Carlyle last week and when I receive calls from my smartwa…
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Download pending Play Store - Android wear Tried to clear cache and data on Play store app, tried to download app connected to BT and wifi. Onl…
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