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my smartwatch name (DIGGRO DI05) is not seen on android wear during setup done factory reset of my smartwatch, then uninstall how do i check if my google fit on my phone and my watch are synced? I have downloaded fit on my phone and it is pre-installed on my watch but I can't start any "strengt…
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Android Wear dismissing missed call notification on phone Missed calls are disappearing from phone. Have to look in the call history to find them.
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Can't teach Google at the moment Doesn't matter what I do, unless my phone and my watch are on the same WiFi I always get "can't reac…
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Michael Kors Access Sofie Make/Receive calls through watch Just got the MK Access Sofie today for my birthday and was wondering if there is any way to make/Rec… How to change the language setting in Android Wear 2.0? I'm using Ticwatch S (International edition) with Android Wear 2.0. Is there any way to change the l… Can't hear caller through Movado Connect I cant hear caller but they hear me Unable to take a device screenshot on Pixel XL - But no problem on other phones? Hi Everyone, I have an odd issue that I can't seem to resolve
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Which Android Wear 2.0 watch has a speaker and a mic? Looking to complete phone calls on watch only I'm not sure if I'm posting in the correct place. I am looking for an Android wear 2.0 watch (any wa…
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Google assistant is not working when I am wearing my watch, only when holding it After the latest Android wear security patch my Michael Kors Bradshaw smartwatch will not pick up my…
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Download pending Play Store - Android wear Tried to clear cache and data on Play store app, tried to download app connected to BT and wifi. Onl…
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OK GOOGLE is not responding to my voice I have a Michael Kors Bradshaw Access smartwatch. It does not respond to my voice. OK GOOGLE detecti…
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Can't talk or hear over my watch during a call. I can answer calls on my watch then must find my phone an use that to actually communicate. I can't …
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How to increase speaker volume on smartwatch phone calls? Anyone know how to raise the speaker volume on the smartwatch, when on an Zenwatch 2, Android Wear 2…
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