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Updated: Yesterday
Media Controls Disappear During Playback Hello, all! I'm hoping that someone is able to shed some light on a small issue I'm having with the …
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People can't hear me when I make calls from my active 2 watch. I can call out from my watch and hear people just fine. They just can't hear my voice. It happens wi…
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Unable to send messages with Google Assistant My Fossil Sport used to send text messages no problem but since 2 days ago when I use Google Assista… Can't send texts. Getting endless "check your phone" when try to allow watch to use device contacts. I am trying to send a message from my new Explorist Gen 4 Smart Watch, but so far, I haven't been ab…
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I can't unlock my Michael Kors Smartwatch , I know my password. Typing password several times and it's not working , I don't want to reset my password.
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How do I find my Wear OS Michael Kors Smartwatch ? With possible being what a dead battery ? Downloaded the app for find my device and it can't find device
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Os wear app keeps saying my Google password is incorrect. I changed the password and still says it. Wear OS wont let me connect to Google. Keeps saying my password is incorrect even though I've checke…
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Wear OS apps won't update on Ticwatch Pro Hello there! I've got a problem with my Ticwatch Pro. It shows notification that apps updates are av…
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I am not able to send any messages or WhatsApp through assistant from my fossil gen 5 watch. I am getting unknown error g524292, when I am try to send any message or WhatsApp from my fossil gen…
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Cannot disable media controls on watch even after blocking notifications for all related apps. No matter which apps I block in the android wear app I get media controls on the watch. It's really …
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Why am I getting way less heart points on Google Fit when using my Android watch, TicWatch Pro I've been travelling Singapore this whole week, I have easily racked up 4 to 5 miles of walking each…
0 Recommended Answers 11 Replies 29 Upvotes
Weather app not updating properly Hi, my problem is the following: When I open the built in weather app, the app never shows me the cu…
0 Recommended Answers 11 Replies 16 Upvotes
Add item to a list in Keep How can I use my watch to add an item to a list in Google Keep? I have a list called work When I use…
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Stuck in "Getting Watch Details" or "Checking for Updates". I'm trying to connect my Gen 3 Fossil Q to my Pixel 2 XL for the first time. I have gone through att…
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