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Does Galaxy Fit 3 compatible with Wear OS app? Wear OS app can’t detect my Galaxy Fit 3 watch but my iOS phone’s bluetooth can connect with my watc… علت عدم نمایش پیامهای متنی در ساعت علت عدم نمایش پیام متنیsms در ساعت 
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Talkback on Xiaomi watch 2 pro Hi, I am considering purchasing the Xiaomi watch two Pro. I’ve looked everywhere to see if it has an…
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Wear os wont connect to phone I have tried to connect wear os to my watch pixel but it wont connect How do I select the 5 contacts that display in the Contacts Tile? I have 13 favorites selected from my contacts list that need to ring through during Do Not Disturb. … Can the smart phone receive the Metatrader 4 or 5 push notifications? just wondering if I could have notifications from mt 4 or 5 on the watch?
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Pixel Camera Wear OS App questions regarding zoom I just recently discovered the Wear OS version of the Pixel Camera App and as someone who uses my ph…
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Please check sound speakers Please sir check 
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there was an authentication error plese sign in to yor google acount I am trying to connect my watch to the google walet and add a card so I can pay without the mobile p…
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Nemohu nic udělat můj telefon i číslo se dost nabízí veřejné i aplikace a cizí lidé vidí mé soukr Žádné soukromí, a nepříjemné od lidí ikdyz je neznáte že pomlouvají, delaji srandu a vysmívají se
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"Troubleshooting Connectivity Between Wear OS Smartwatch and Android Device" "How can I troubleshoot connectivity issues between my Wear OS smartwatch and my Android device? Des…
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Nitin Verma I'd like to 
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Can not get Apple Watch to connect to wear os app even though it says my iPhone is compatible It says I should get a pop up on my watch to tap on but I don’t 
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Samsung Galaxy Watch 6 Not Showing Caller IDs I saw a lot of people complaining about it, but here it goes my scenario as well: neither Whatsapp o… Wear os not connecting to devices on pixel 7 Pixel 7 phone+ ticwatch pro 3. I went to change my watchface on the weekend on the wear os app and i…
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