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Android Wear shows the following error: "Couldn't copy your accounts". This issue appears to be different than previous account syncing bugs I've identified in this forum.… Michael kors smartwatch won't charge My watch has stopped charging. Usually the red light on the charger will light up when it's on corre… Can't connect to Fossil Q Explorist (Gen 3). Setup stalls at confirm code stage Trying to set up Fossil Q with Pixel 2 XL. I have uninstalled and reinstalled the app multiple times…
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De Wear os app blokkeert tijdens de installatie op mijn iPhone met iOS 11 INSTALLEREN niet
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LG Watch Sport battery usage only shows 'bluetooth'. That can't be right. I have an LG Watch Sport paired to a Pixel 2016 and when I go into the Android Wear app to check wat…
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LG Watch Sport switches off randomly My watch switches off randomly and the only way to restart it is to put it on the charging device an… Incoming call showing on the watch delay and the sound issue I using Ticwatch S ,the incoming call showing on the watch will delay . It will not pop up immediate…
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I can pair the 360 to my phone but I cannot connect them I'm trying to connect my Moto 360 to my phone. I factory reset it I've downloaded the app on my phon…
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Updated: Yesterday
Install app on wear os without google account Our company want to deploy hundreds of watch with our custom build app that will login to our server… How to set favorite Set favorite on my caller list
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Can't connect to iPhone: I tried everything already I need Live-Support! I tried restarting, rebooting, reconnecting, connecting, seting it up as new device, deleted and red…
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Problems connecting casio to wear OS. Random problems. Even after complete factory reset phone Connect casio to nexus 6p with wear os. random problems: user account can not copy to watch. play st…
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Install app on android wear programmatically I try to install the app using this code Intent promptInstall = new Intent(Intent.ACTION_VIEW) .setD…
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How can I set up the password to my Michael Kors Brawshaw Smartwatch??! I’ve went to settings and nothing I’ve tried the wear OS app and nothing. I’ve basically went threw …
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Moto 360 Battery drain, fix or trash? Battery drain on Moto 360 sport is terrible. Have factory reset, only installed stock pre loaded app…
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How to play songs nd it is getting connecting to my wifi My watch is not connecting to my wifi
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FB messenger I installed messenger. I can receive and reply to a message but I don't see where I can start a conv… I entered the wrong WiFi password when prompted, and now it won’t ever connect or ask me to re-enter I entered the wrong password when my phone asked for the WiFi password to update, now it keeps sayin…
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I'm unable to use the keyboard. It just gives me the option to speak n text. Can anyone help? Keyboard help
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watch parts on designer that are gifs no longer work add watch face gifs
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