Navigate your watch with wrist gestures

Along with swiping, you can get around your watch by using wrist gestures.

See tutorial on your watch and check settings

To turn on the Wrist Gestures setting and to see the tutorial:

  1. If your screen is dim, tap the screen to wake up the watch.
  2. Swipe down from the top of the screen.
  3. Tap Settings Settings.
    • If you don't see it right away, swipe left and then tap Settings Settings.
  4. Tap Gestures Wrist gesture iconand then Wrist gestures. 
  5. To launch the tutorial, tap Launch tutorial.

Things you can do with wrist gestures 

When using gestures, remember that your watch responds to the direction and quickness of your wrist's motion, rather than the range of the motion.

Scroll through cards by moving your wrist

To see your first card

If your watch is dim, tap the screen or tilt the face towards you to wake it up. Then, quickly flick your wrist away from you then slowly turn it back towards you to bring the card up.

To scroll to the next card

Next card gesture

Quickly flick wrist away from you, then slowly turn back towards you.

To scroll back a card

Previous card gesture

Slowly turn your wrist away from you then quickly flick it back towards you. 

Shake your wrist to return home or cancel action

Shake your wrist to return to the home screen from any card or screen. You can also shake to cancel an action before it’s complete.

More tips

To bring up the first card from your home watch face:

 When your watch face is awake, flick your wrist away from you.

To pull down settings menu from the watch face screen:

Slowly turn wrist away from you then flick your wrist back towards you. 

To cancel an action before it’s completed:

Before an action is complete, shake your wrist to cancel it.

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