Explore what you can do with Google Assistant

You can speak to Google Assistant on your watch to get weather reports, find language translations, set alarms, take notes, open apps, and answer basic questions.


  • These features are only available on watches that have speakers.
  • Google Assistant isn't available in certain languages and certain countries and regions.

Use your Google Assistant

  1. Tap your watch’s screen or press a button to turn it on.
  2. Press and hold the Google Assistant button, press a customized watch complication, or say “Hey Google.” 
  3. Speak your question or task.

Learn more about how to set up Google Assistant.

Get quick answers

Check the weather

You can ask Google Assistant for weather reports in your location or other locations.

Use phrases like:

  • "Weather in San Francisco."
  • "What's the weather in New York City tomorrow?"
  • "Will it rain tomorrow?"

You can also use the Weather app to check the weather in your current location. From your list of apps, tap Weather Weather.

Get sports scores & schedules

You can ask for game scores or check when your team plays next. Use phrases like:

  • "When is the next Mets game?"
  • "How did Leeds United do?"
Find conversions, translations & other travel info

You can ask Google Assistant to help you make travel plans. 

  • Get the time for any location: Use phrases like "What time is it in London?"
  • Get translations for words and phrases: Say phrases like "How do you say 'hello' in Spanish?" or "Translate 'soup' into French."

Tip: You can also use the watch's Translate app Translate app.

To convert currency, volume, weight, and more, use phrases like:

  • "What's 16 ounces in pounds?"
  • "Convert 100 euros to US dollars."
  • "How many kilometers are 50 miles?"
Find helpful information or do some quick math

You can ask Google Assistant for answers to many basic questions.

  • Learn the definition of a word: Use a phrase like, "What does onomatopoeia mean?"
  • Solve a math problem or make a calculation: Say a phrase like, "What is the square root of 2209?"
  • Count calories: Say a phrase like, "How many calories are in an avocado?"

You can also find facts and trivia, like:

  • "Where was Albert Einstein born?"
  • "How tall is Barack Obama?"
  • "How tall is the Eiffel Tower?"
  • "How hot is the sun?"
  • “When is the sunrise?”
Check stocks

You can keep track of your portfolio and ask Google Assistant for current stock prices.

To check stocks, say a phrase like, "What's Google's stock price?"

Check upcoming events

You can ask for events, dates, and holidays. Use phrases like:

  • "When is sunset?"
  • "When is Thanksgiving?"

Take notes & check reminders

Take or check a note

You can ask Google Assistant to take a note or check notes with apps like Google Keep. You can also check and edit lists in Google Keep.

  • Take a note with your voice: Say, "Take a note," then speak the note you want to keep.
  • Take a note with the watch keyboard: Open the Google Play Store and download the Keep app Keep. Learn how to get apps on your watch.
Set & use reminders

You can ask Google Assistant to add reminders to your watch or to other devices that have Google Assistant. Your watch notifies you at the time or place you asked to be reminded.

Important: Your watch must be connected to your phone to receive notifications.

  • Set a reminder with your voice: Say, "Remind me to..." followed by your task with a time or location. You can include the exact or approximate time or location you want the reminder to turn on.
  • Check your reminders: Say, "What are my reminders."
  • Dismiss a reminder: Swipe right on the notification you receive.

Use your calendar

Check your schedule

Your scheduled events are automatically listed in the Agenda app. You can also talk to Google Assistant or use the on-screen menu to pull up your calendar.

  • Check your schedule with your voice: Say, "What's on my agenda tomorrow?" or "When's my next meeting?"
  • Check your schedule with the app: In your list of apps, tap Agenda Agenda.
Create calendar events

You can ask Google Assistant to add events to your calendar.

  • Add a new event with your voice: Say, "Create event," or "New event." You can include the title, time, and location. 
  • Check your event on the app: In your list of apps, tap Agenda Agenda.

Get more done with Google

Control smart home devices

You can use Google Assistant to control smart home devices that work with Google Home, like thermostats, plugs, switches, or lights. This feature is currently only available in English. Get help with Google Nest.

Once your devices are set up in the Google Home app:

  • Thermostats: Say, "Make it warmer," or "Set the bedroom temperature to 68."
  • Lights: Say, "Turn on the bedroom lights," or "Did I forget to turn off the kitchen lights?"

Learn more about how to control smart home devices.

Send messages

To send a chat message with apps like WhatsApp, Line, and others, you need the same app on your Android phone or tablet.

  • Messaging apps: Say, "Send a message with…" followed by the app name and the name of the person. For example, "Send a WhatsApp message to Sam."

Learn more about messaging apps and how to troubleshoot sending messages.

Manage alarms & timers

You can ask Google Assistant to set your alarms and timers.

  • Alarms: Say, "Wake me up at 7 AM," or “Set an alarm for 6 AM.”
  • Timers: Say, "Set a timer for 10 minutes."
Find & control entertainment

You can ask Google Assistant to play music, news, and other programs.

  • News: Say, "Play the news on my Smart Display."
  • Music: Say, "Play Spotify on Kitchen Display."
  • Volume: Say, "Set volume at 5."
  • Media control: Say, "Pause music."

You can ask Google Assistant to make or send communications. These voice actions use your phone unless you have a watch that supports an LTE connection.

  • Calls: Say, "Call Monica."
  • Text: Say, "Text John: Meet you at 5."
  • Emails: Say, "Send an email to…"
Get directions & more with Google Maps

You can ask Google Assistant for directions and traffic conditions. These voice actions use your phone unless you have a watch that supports an LTE connection.

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