Create ads

 Create additional ads through Manage Ads and then Add Ad:

1. Details

Insert basic information about the ad

* Ad name (dashboard only): Internal name. We recommend entering an informative name for easy identification:

Ad Unit--CTA--Dates--Identifier.

* Advertiser name (shown to users): Must be the brand name as searched by Waze users.

Allow navigation to locations: Check the box if the ad will target real physical locations. Uncheck if the ad targets polygons or dummy locations.

2. Ad Type

* CTA: Select a Call to Action for your ad:

  • DRIVE THERE: Initiates navigation to the location.
  • SAVE FOR LATER: Saves a URL offer/information in Waze users' inbox.
  • DOWNLOAD APP: Saves a link to Apple Store or Google Play Store in Waze users' inbox.
  • SAVE OFFER: Saves a coupon in Waze users' inbox.
  • CALL NOW: Initiates a phone call to the number of each advertised location. .

3. Ad Copy

Control your ad text

Use location information:

  • Check if you wish the Pin-Click and Takeover title and description to be taken from each location .
  • Leave unchecked to enter one uniformed Pin-Click and Takeover title and description across all targeted locations.

Ad title: Enter Pin-Click & Takeover title. Optimal length: 18 characters.

Description: Enter Pin-Click & Takeover description text. Optimal length: 60 characters.

Promoted URL (for Save for Later only): Enter the webpage Wazers will save on their inbox.

Additional ad information: Additional text to appear below the location description in the Location Preview screen.

Legal: Additional text to appear under additional ad information for promotions terms and conditions.

Inbox Copy (Save for Later, Save Offer & Download App only)

* Inbox Title: Title of inbox item.

Inbox offer: Long text for inbox item. Optimal length: 80 characters.

Button text: Text on action button of inbox item. Waze users will click this button to enter the URL. Leave empty to use "More Info". Optimal length: 18 characters.

"Use location information" and "Description" fields are available only for Standard Banner ads.

Reminders (Optional)

A Reminder is composed of two screens: Push Notification and Reminder.
Push Notifications and Reminders are connected; when users open a Push Notification they are directed straight to the Reminder.

Reminder Type

Select one of the four serving types:

Proximity: Send users a Push Notification when they are within 1km/0.6 miles of the  location.

Schedule (GMT): Send users a Push Notification at a specific date and time. The date and time are in GMT so make sure to convert local time and date to it’s GMT equivalent. Note, anyone who saves an ad after the scheduled date will not receive a push notification. 

Elapsed Hours: Send users a Push Notification a certain amount of hours after they’ve clicked on ad units main CTA.

Hours Before Expiration: Send users a Push Notification a certain amount of hours before the campaign's end date. Can only be entered in 30 minute increments.

* Push Message

Select a push message from the list. 

* Reminder Title

Enter a title for your Reminder (18 characters max).

* Reminder Description

Enter Reminder Description (80 characters max).


Enter the URL Waze users will reach when tapping the Reminder action button.

Button Text

Enter text for Reminder action button. 18 characters max.

4. Display

Upload images based on our specs:

  1. Logo Icon: 152x112 pixels.
  2. Info Page Logo Image: 690x550 pixels
  3. Banner
  • Standard Banner: 200x200 pixels
  • IAB
    • Logo image: 200x200 pixels
    • Banner: 458x240
  • Native
    • Premium Banner: 608x240
    • Premium Banner (wide): 788x240
Remember: If your Native Banner ad is linked to a Takeover campaign, make sure your bid is high enough. Otherwise, you won't be able to save the ad.

Click Create Ad.

Congratulations, you've created an ad! Now don't forget to link it to a campaign under "Manage Campaigns".

See a preview of your ad by selecting an ad and clicking  at the top-right of the screen.
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