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Create a new campaign to achieve one of the below:

Create a campaign

To create a new campaign, follow these steps and guidelines:

1. Go to the Manage Campaigns and click Create campaign.

2. Fill out the campaign's fields: 

Basic Details

  • Campaign name: Displayed only in the Dashboard. Use an informative name for easy identification:
    • Do: Takeover--$2000--Save URL--4/15-5/28
    • Don't: Takeover Archy's
  • Ad: Select the Ad (creatives) you want to run on the targeted locations.
  • Status: Select Enabled or Disabled.
  • Ad unit: Select ad unit (Pins/Takeover/Search).

Budget Plan

Start date: Set the campaign's start date. 

End Date: Set the campaign's end date (Remember, you can stop advertising at any time).

Budget: Choose between monthly or custom budget.

  • Monthly: Your daily pacing will be [total budget] ÷ [number of days in month]. Choose Monthly pacing for 'Always On' campaigns.
  • Custom: Your daily pacing will by [total budget] ÷ [number of days in campaign]. Choose Custom pacing for campaigns with predefined end dates.


Choose the locations you wish to target in the campaign:

  • All locations: Target all enabled locations in the account.
  • Selected locations only: Target specific locations, listed by location IDs, separated by commas.
Need help in targeting multiple locations? Send the location details to and our specialists will help you shortly.

Bid (Takeover only)

Enter your desired CPM bid (cost per 1,000 impressions of your ad). ם

Display Options (Takeover only)

Select the radius your Takeover will be delivered around each location, in kilometere. 
Good to know: Takeovers are eligible to be shown when a user’s current route will be within the radius of an advertised location and ahead of the driver on their current drive.
If your ad is navigable, the radius can be up to 10KM.


4. Review the dates, budgets, ad units and click Create Campaign.


  • Duplicate the details of an existing campaign by selecting it and then Scrolling to the bottom of the page and thenclicking Duplicate Campaign.
  • To target specific locations, copy the location ID from each location's URL: 


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