Learn about budgets and CPMs

The Waze Local Plus solution is sold on a CPM (cost per thousand impressions) bidding model.

To advertise on Waze Local Plus, you must meet a minimum total budget of $3,000 USD per month, with at least $60 USD towards each pin campaign and $500 USD towards each Takeover campaign.

The budgets and CPMs are calculated into the maximum number of impressions your pins and Takeover campaigns could reach every month, using this formula:

(Impressions x CPM) / 1,000 = Budget                            (Budget / CPM) x 1,000 = Impressions

Your ads are not displayed all the time. Our system delivers impressions according to the monthly budgets and CPM you chose. Let's take a look at following example:

You advertise 170 locations in big cities and choose to invest $4,000 USD in Takeover budget and $3,000 USD in pins budget. You set your CPM CPMs to $20 for Takeover and $2 for pins.

 This means your ads will accrue around 200,000 Takeover impressions and 1,500,000 Pin impressions for the whole month.

  • The system spreads these impressions over the total number of days in the month – in this case, around 6,600 Takeover impressions and 50,000 pin impressions per day.
  • Divided by 170, each location will receive around 39 Takeover and 294 pin impressions per day. However, this may vary depending on the location itself, and whether it's in a higher traffic area.
  • Your ads will mostly be served to Wazers during times when the traffic around each location is high. 

 If you plan to advertise a large number of locations, consider a budget sufficient to cover all of them. If your budget is too low, it is likely that your locations will not receive a sufficient number of impressions in order to create an impactful campaign.

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