Advertise multiple businesses

You can advertise multiple businesses in separate accounts under one username, where each account will have a separate budget, payment method and locations.

Step 1: Create a Waze Ads username and advertise your first business

Already have a Waze Ads account? Proceed to the next step.
  1. Go to and click Advertise on Waze.
  2. Fill in the business information of the first business you are advertising, as well as your credit card information. You can find useful tips and guidelines at Create a new advertising account
  3. Once you click Create Account, your new account is submitted for approval. Learn more on what happens during and after the account approval process in Account approval process.
While your account is under approval, upload your business logo and add additional locations to promote (of the same business).

Step 2: Create additional accounts

To advertise additional businesses under the same username:

  1. While signed into your existing account, expand the left navigation panel.
  2. Click Create New Account.
  3. In the small window opened, click Create a new account again and you'll be directed to the new account creation wizard.
  4.  Fill in the new business information in the account creation wizard, the same way you did for the first business account.

Every new account will be submitted for approval by our team.

Note: You will have to re-enter credit card information with every account you create.

Step 3: Navigate between your accounts

You can easily navigate between your accounts through the search bar located at the top section of your dashboard.


Got questions?

Can I advertise multiple businesses in one dashboard account?

No, every account can promote one brand only. Accounts promoting multiple brands will be suspended.

Can I promote multiple branches of the same business in one account?

Yes, you can promote multiple locations in one account, under one budget, as long as all locations belong to the same brand. Learn how in Add locations.

Will I be charged separately for each account?

Yes, every account you manage has a separate budget, payment method and invoice. We'll send you all your invoices in separate emails during the first week the following month.

I manage an account for someone else, how can I give them access?

Learn how to give admin or viewer access to additional users in Manage users.
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