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Run new prediction

Inventory predictions are available to Waze Ads Channel Partners only.

Before you begin

Learn about inventory predictions.


  1. Sign in to at waze.com/business and enter the account.
  2. Click Predictions from the left navigation panel.
  3. Click New Prediction.
  4. Country: Select the country of advertising. Keep in mind: all locations in a single prediction must be in the same country.
  5. Brand: Enter the brand name.
  6. Ad Units: Check the box near the ad units you wish to run the prediction on.
  7. Locations: Choose the method and type of locations you wish to run prediction on–entire metros or countries, a list of coordinates, or locations already available in one of your accounts.
    • Prediction per location: Check this box if you plan to upload a locations file where each of the locations belong to different brand, and will advertised in a separate account.


      Nationwide, Metro or Zip code


      Select to predict the total number of impressions per selected country.


      Select to predict the total number of impressions per specific metro areas.

      Zip code

      Select to predict the total number of impressions per zip code.

      Upload locations file

      New locations? Upload a CSV file with the latitude and longitude of each location.
      1. Radius (Takeover only): Select a radius between 2km and 10km.

      2. Download this template or replicate it on Google Sheets and click Download As and then"Comma-separated values (.csv, current sheet)".

      3. Enter each location's latitude and longitude values. Make sure to number all active rows in the ID column. Example:

      id lat lon
      1 46.6817 0.3734
      2 48.44354 -0.48064
      3 47.86619 0.467655
      4 43.2494499 -0.2794355
      5 47.2765995 -0.0746057
      6 47.87648 0.21637
      1. Save the file in CSV format.
      2. Upload the file in the upload box.

      Locations from account

      Run inventory prediction on locations already available in one of your accounts.

      • Radius (Takeover only): Select a radius between 2km and 10km.
  1. Show Schedule: Narrow down the prediction results by display schedule. If you plan to target your ads by opening hours, set an average time frame based on all your opening hours combined.
  2. Length: Select the campaign's duration. If you plan to run a campaign continuously with no end date, select 30 days to predict your average monthly number of impressions.
    Important: The day of the week you select matter; Monday values will differ from Sunday values.
  3. Basic Details​​​​:
    1. User email: Enter the email address you want us to send the results to (one email only).
    2. Prediction Name: Make it easy for you to find this prediction by giving it a clear name. For example: Pizza Milano_5/31/19_Group 1
  4. ​​Click Run new prediction.

What happens next?

The system will start generating a new prediction. You will receive an email with the prediction results within the next 15 minutes. Visit Analyse prediction results to learn how to process and interpret prediction results.


I get an error when trying to upload a locations file

See how to troubleshoot errors:

Error message How to troubleshoot
"The file includes invalid locations for the selected country. Download error report" Download the report to see more information about the invalid locations.
"Latitude/Longitude is not a floating point number"

Coordinates were inserted in the wrong format. Enter coordinates in decimal degrees (DD) with no additional characters (make sure to remove the comma separator).

Double check that you numbered only the active rows (those including latitude and longitude values).

"Location not in specified country" Coordinates are outside the borders of the selected country. Make sure you inserted the latitude and longitude in the right order (first latitude, then longitude).
"id is not a whole number"

Either there's no ID value in current row, or the ID value isn't a whole number (but a symbol, letter, or decimal number).

"Location's id already exist in file" Make sure all the ID values in column A are unique.
"Error uploading file"
  1. Double check the latitude and longitude values you’ve entered start from cell B2.
  2. Double check sure your column headers are named id, lat and lon, with no typos or additional characters. 
  3. Double check the locations file is in CSV. format.
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