As of September 1, 2023, Waze is no longer selling Ads. Read more about the Waze ads wind down.

Advertise Locations on Waze

Locations on Waze

Adding locations to the Waze map is necessary in order for us to accurately serve your ad units. They are the first layer of ad targeting and will determine where the ad is able to be shown.

We offer two types of locations:

  1. Physical Locations: Requires a business name, address and coordinates

  2. Regions: Areas such as cities, states, or countries

Physical Locations on Waze

Advertised Locations

The locations you advertise on Waze benefit from an enhanced Location Preview page on the application. When an user selects an advertised search result or taps the information button on an ad, they are directed to the Location Preview page. This page will show users your banner ad, as well as additional information about your business, such as your business name, address, phone number, mobile-friendly URL, and a short description


Organic Locations

Non-sponsored locations (organic locations) may still be added to the Waze Map by the Waze community or other databases, and will appear on both the Waze map and in the Waze search results.

There are two types of organic locations that appear in Waze Search results :

  1. Waze venues: Locations that were created by the Waze community

  2. Google venues: Locations that are sourced from Google Maps 

If you would like to add an organic location to the Waze map, you can learn more here.

Physical Locations and Waze Search Results

Drivers can initiative a drive  by searching for a physical location via our search functionality in the Waze app. As the user begins to type their search, Waze provides relevant results for nearby locations.

Advertised Search Results

Advertisers with Pin campaigns will benefit from Sponsored Search results on Waze.

Sponsored Search will allow you to display your brand logo alongside your business locations in the search results. 

Wazers also have the opportunity to search using category terms such as “fuel,” “fast food,” or “coffee.” Businesses or locations that fall into these categories are eligible to appear in the search results at the optimal moment - when users are intently searching for their specific offering. 

Only one advertiser’s location will be promoted at the top of the search results. This is determined by a quality score. The quality score will take into account the matching logic for the search and your location name, as well as the average daily budget per location you are spending on your Pin campaign.

AlertsTip: You can only appear in Waze search results if you are running an active Pin campaign.


Organic Search Results

Search results that are not decorated with a brand logo are considered organic locations. These locations are added organically on the Waze map by users or are sourced from Google Maps. Need to add an organic location to Waze? Learn more here.

Reporting a Location Issue

If you notice an issue with a location on Waze that you are not currently advertising, let us know via this form or you can submit a request to update the location in the app

If you are experiencing an issue with one of your advertised locations, please see our FAQ below or contact your Waze account team and we will make sure to address your issue as soon as possible.

Waze for Brands Advertisers

Location Guidelines

Location Name

The location name should be the name of the business or brand that you are advertising, or the most recognizable name of the location. It will appear in the search results.

Note: If the brand name is not represented by a physical location (I.e. advertising Nate’s Soda at 7-Eleven), the location name will not be the brand (Nate’s Soda) but rather, the physical location (7-Eleven).

Location Naming Guidelines:

  • 30 count character limit

  • Do not include a city, state, country or branch name unless it is a part of the location name

  • Adhere to location brand guidelines

Recommended Practices Not Recommended
Sharon's Pizza Sharon's Pizza - Miami
McDonald's McDonald's Play House - 2nd Street Entrance
New York Tours New York Tours - NYC


The address should be a physical location where Wazers can receive services and/or purchase your product. It will include the street, city, state or province (if applicable), and a latitude and longitude.

If you are missing coordinates information, please reach out to your Waze account team, and we can work with our internal GeoOps team to identify the most accurate latitude and longitude.

Field Accepted Formats
Address (35 characters max)

168 Oxford Blvd.

168 Oxford Street

168 Oxford St.

City, State (20 characters max) Des Moines, IA
Additional Information (30 characters max)

Second Floor

Back Entrance

William St. Entrance


How can I edit, delete, or report an issue on an organic location in the Waze app?

You have the option to edit or report an issue on organic locations from the app directly. This option is available on Waze venues only, not on Google venues.

In order to edit or report a problem on a Waze venue, follow these steps :

  1. Look for the location in Search and click on it

  2. Click on the three dots in the top right corner of the location preview box

  3. Click on “Edit” or “Report an issue”, and edit the needed fields

  4. Click on “Done”

That’s it! An Editor from the Waze community will review the changes and approve them.


AlertsAttention: The options to “Edit” or “Report an issue” on organic locations are available only on Waze venues, not on Google venues. If you do not see the option, the location you are trying to edit is sourced from Google and you will need to edit the location on Google maps directly.

Can I add the parking of my location on Waze?

You can add your parking lot as an organic location on Waze by following these instructions. If you wish to advertise on your parking lots, please contact your Account Manager.

Why do I see duplicates of my location in Search results?

Duplicates in Search results might happen if your advertised location also exists organically on the Waze map or on Google Maps. Waze has developed a matching algorithm in order to match duplicated locations together, however, if the locations’ descriptors vary too much, they will not be matched.

If you see duplicates of your advertised locations in the Search results and wish to remove them, please take a screenshot of the issue and contact us to report a map issue.

Why is my location not advertised in Waze Search results?

Waze search results are composed of both advertised results and organic results.

All results that are not promoted via an advertising campaign with an appropriate location list are eligible to show up in the organic search results. It is possible to link an organic location to one of your advertised locations in order to increase your visibility on the app.

Why do I see the wrong logo alongside my business location in Waze Search?

Waze has developed a matching algorithm in order to match duplicated locations together. However, it might happen that two different locations that have similar characteristics are incorrectly matched together and this error might lead to the wrong logo being displayed alongside your business location in Waze Search. Please reach out to your Account Manager if you notice incorrect matching.

Can I add the parking lot for my location in the Nearest Parking Lot section of the Location Preview Page?

Unfortunately, there is currently no way to manually add your parking lot in the Nearest Parking Lot section of the Location Preview Page. However, we encourage you to add your parking lot on Waze as an organic place so that it is eligible to show.


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