Add a place to the map

Wazers can add a place to the map either through the Waze app or the Waze Map Editor.

Add a place using the Waze App

  1. Tap Reports  Tap Places.
  2. Use the in-app camera to take a picture, then tap forward . (For helpful picture guidelines, see Best Photo Practices).
  3. Select if the location is residential or a business. 
    1. For a private residence: tap This is a residential place, then confirm details.
    2. For a business: enter a new name or select from nearby listings, then add category and address details. 
  4. Tap Done

Please check out our Best photo practices before submitting photos for places.

Want to add places via the Waze Map Editor? Find out how to in our article here.

Your username appears alongside every place you add and is visible to other users. 
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