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Add or update your payment card

Make sure you have a Gmail account before setting up Google Pay.

To pay for your Waze Carpool rides, you need to add a payment card to Google Pay:

  1. Open Waze Carpool
  2. Tap Settings 
  3. Tap Payment method and then Set up Google Pay and follow the on-screen instructions

At the end of each ride, your payment card is automatically charged, and the amount is transferred to your driver.


Update your payment card

  1. Open Waze Carpool
  2. Tap Settings
  3. Tap Payment method and then tap your email address

You're now in Google Pay. From here, you can either:

  • tap EDIT to change the existing card
  • tap Add payment method to add another card. Once added, tap None and then Primary to use it to pay for your rides.


Got questions?

I'm having trouble adding a payment card.

Try the following: 

  1. Contact your bank or credit card company and ask them to whitelist charges from “Google Pay Services”
  2. Check whether the payment card has expired
  3. Make sure you have enough credit in your bank account to be charged
  4. Try using a new payment card issued for a different bank account – see "Update your payment card" above

Learn which payment cards Waze Carpool accepts.

Can I use my payment card on multiple Google Pay accounts?

You can't use the same payment card on more than one Google Pay account.

Tell me more about the price I pay for carpooling.

You can always find a ride's price in the Price breakdown screen before you choose to accept it.

How can I keep my payment info safe?

Learn how to keep your payment info safe from Google Pay's help center.


By registering for Google Pay and paying for your rides, you accept the payment terms as specified in your Google Pay account.

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