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How Waze calculates ride prices

This article is for riders. If you're a driver, read this.


Waze Carpool prices are recommendations. You also have the option to set your own price.

The recommended price

Recommended prices are based on a number of factors, such as gas prices and distance traveled. Because these factors can change, the recommended price varies from ride to ride.

Note: Prices do not include public transport costs, even if your route takes you through a bus or train station.

Set your own price

When requesting a ride, you can raise or lower the price to suggest your own within legal limits.

From your list of matches:

  1. Choose a driver
  2. Next to the price, tap Edit or the > icon
  3. Use the lever to set a higher or lower price

Try to be fair – drivers may accept or decline your ride request based on the price you set.

Make sure you’ve added a payment card. After each ride, your payment card is automatically charged.

Waze Carpool remembers your price

If you’ve carpooled with the same driver on the same route before, Waze Carpool remembers the price you both agreed upon and recommends it. You can accept this price again, or set your own – the choice is yours.

About the Price breakdown screen

You can always view the price of a ride before you choose to accept it.

In the Ride details screen, tap  to see the Price breakdown. The price is made up of a few things:

  • Ride – based on the factors mentioned above
  • Special promotion – you may get a limited-time promotional offer, like a lower-priced ride, from Waze Carpool or our partners
  • Service fee – if applicable


Tip for reducing the price of your ride

You can invite your friends to get Carpool rewards when they complete their first two rides. Carpool rewards automatically cover up to 50% of the price of your upcoming rides.

To invite friends, tap  in the top-right corner of the calendar screen.

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