View and manage your drive history

Drive history is a list of all your navigations from the past few months. It includes the date, start point and end point of each navigation. To view your drive history:

  • Open Waze
  • Tap Search , then Settings
  • Tap Privacy 
  • Under “Activity”, tap Drive history  
  • Tap a month to view your drive history for that month
Note: It may take a few minutes for new drives to appear in your drive history.

Delete drive history

  • Delete one drive by tapping the X beside it, and then Delete
  • Delete all drives by tapping Delete all drives at the top of the screen

Important: This won’t delete drives from your Favorites or Recent destinations. Places you navigated to lately  are saved on your phone and are still visible.These can be deleted individually.

Older drives are automatically deleted. 


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