View and manage recent locations

When you start navigation or check the ETA or route overview of a location, it’s saved as a recent location. To view recent locations:

  1. Open Waze
  2. Tap the search bar

Under the search bar, a list of your recent locations appears.

Note: Recent locations are saved locally to your device. If you switch devices or reinstall Waze, they may not appear.

Do more with recent locations

Touch and hold the relevant location to see the action menu:


View the address, distance, and location on the map. Tap View routes to start navigating to the location. To plan your drive in advance, tap Leave later before you begin navigation. 

Send location

Tap one of the suggested apps to share your location with a friend. Anyone with the link can see the location and also share it.

Add Siri shortcut

Set a voice command for this location and use it in the future to ask Siri to navigate to this location.

Remove drive

You can remove recent locations individually from the action menu. 

Note: Recent locations are stored on your device. When you remove a recent location, it’s removed locally, but not from Waze’s servers. 

To remove a recent location from Waze servers, delete the relevant drive from your navigation history.

Need more help? Check out our Waze Community forum for more questions and answers about Waze app

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