Voice command list

To use voice commands, just say "OK Waze", tap on the map with 3 fingers or tap the microphone  on the search bar. Here is a list of voice commands you can use:

To initiate a drive:

Action Voice Commands
Navigate Home "Home"
"Go home"
"Take me home"
Navigate to Work


"Drive to work"

Navigate to a specific address "Take me to {street} {number}, {city}"
"Navigate to {street} {number}, {city}"
Navigate to a place "Take me to {place}"
Navigate to a "Category" location "Gas station"
"Find me a gas station/parking"

During a Drive:

Action Voice Commands
Ask Waze for your next turn

"What's my next turn?"

"Next turn"

Ask Waze for your ETA

"When will I get there"

Ask Waze for alternate routes "Show me alternate routes"


Action Voice Commands
General report

"I want to report"

Report Traffic

"Report traffic jam"
"Report heavy traffic"
"Report moderate traffic"

Report Police "Report police"
Report Crash (accident) "Report accident"
"Report major accident"
Report Hazard "Report hazard/flood/construction/
pothole/vehicle stopped/animal/
missing sign/fog/hail/flood/ice/snow"
Report Camera "Report camera"

App settings:

Action Voice Commands
Sound Off/On

"Sound off"/"Mute"
"Sound on"

Close app "Close app"
Stop navigation "Stop navigation"
Ask Waze for Help/Support "Help"
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