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Report a map issue

See something on the road that doesn't match what's on the map? Let us know, and our community of map editors will look into it.

Want to add a location or business? Learn how to add places to the map.

 During your drive

  1. Open Waze 
  2. Tap 
  3. Swipe up to open the full menu
  4. Tap Map Issue
    Tap Later to save your report and send it at another time
  5. Tap Map Issue again
  6. Select the type of issue you'd like to report:
    • General map issue
    • Incorrect turn
    • Incorrect address
    • Incorrect route
    • Missing roundabout
    • Missing road 
  7. Tap Add a comment to provide more details 
  8. Tap Send to submit your report

After your drive

  1. Open Waze
  2. Tap 
  3. Tap Help and feedback
  4. Tap Report an issue
  5. Tap Report a map issue
  6. Fill in the following fields:
    • Address 
      You can also drag the map to select the location and click Save
    • Issue type
    • Describe the issue
  7. Click Submit

Note: A volunteer map editor may contact you to get more information about your report. Check your Waze inbox for replies to your reported map issue.


Other ways to update the map

Report a map issue on Waze Forums

Our community of map editors helps make sure Waze maps are always accurate and up-to-date.
You can report any map issue to your local community:
  1. Visit our Waze forums
  2. Choose the relevant forum for your country and state (if applicable)
  3. Click Post a new topic
  4. Describe your issue in the message box
  5. Click Submit

If you have a screenshot of the issue, you can upload it:

  1. Click the "Upload attachment" tab
  2. Click Choose File and select your attachment
  3. Click Add the file
  4. Under "Posted Attachments" above, click Place inline

Edit the map with our Waze Map Editor

The Waze map updated with the help of our community of map editors in the Waze Map Editor. Not a map editor yet? Join the map editing community.

Note: To make sure the map is as accurate as possible, different areas can only be updated by editors of a certain level. If you're a beginner editor, you can suggest an edit in the Waze Map Editor. Your suggestion will be reviewed by an experienced editor before the change goes live on the map. 

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