Fix a map issue

Found a problem on the map? Want to suggest a change? Try one of the methods below.

Report an issue in the Waze app


Your username appears in every report you make and is visible to other users. 


  1. Tap Reports 
  2. Tap Map Issue
  3. Tap Map Issue again
  4. Tap an issue type
  5. Tap Add a comment to provide more details about your issue 
  6. Tap Send to submit your report, or tap Later to save your report and send it at another time.

A volunteer map editor may reply to gain more information on your report. Check your inbox for replies on your reported Map issue.

*Please note that it may take time for your request to be reviewed by the volunteer map editing community.   

Report an issue on the Waze Livemap

  1. Visit our Live Map
  2. Search the address for which you'd like to report a problem
  3. Right-click the pin on the map and then click Report a problem
  4. Choose the type of update you'd like to report:
  • Incorrect Address
  • Missing road
  • Missing landmark
  • Incorrect turn
  • Missing roundabout
  • Wrong driving directions
  1. Add a description to the issue and click Submit

*Please note that it may take time for your request to be reviewed by the volunteer map editing community.   

We recommend visiting the Livemap from your desktop.

Suggest an edit to our map editing community

Our community of map editors help ensure that the Waze maps are always accurate and up-to-date. 
Visit our Waze forums and get in touch with your local community to report any map issue you may encounter.
We recommend visiting the Forums from your desktop.

Edit the map with our Waze Map Editor

The majority of our map editing occurs in the Waze Map Editor (WME). Want to join our map editing community and help edit the map with the WME?
Learn more on Wazeopedia.
We recommend visiting the WME and the Wazeopedia from your desktop.

Need to add a place to the map?



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