Map editing points

Points are granted according to the number of changed segments/nodes/other objects. If you select several segments and edit them all, you will get a point for each segment. However, you will not receive more points for changing different properties of the same segment in the same Save.

Editing the same object multiple times in a single 24 hour period will only result in one edit for that object in that period. The changes will be saved and added to the map, but your total score will not increase. Also, when saving a large number of changes at once, the system will not credit you with more than 150 point per save.


Activity Points Unit
Editing the map 3 per edit
Solving map update requests 3 per request solved
Adding street names 3 per name
Adding house numbers 1 per segment
Adding Place photo 6 per photo
Updating Place 3 per detail added
Forum posts 2 per 3 posts
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