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Search for your destination

Navigate to a specific address, business or contact with one of the options below.

  • Tap on the map, tap the Search bar at the top and type to find your destination .
  • Tap Menu  and then type in the Search bar .
  • Swipe Menu  to the right and then type in the Search bar .

Search is supported both in English and the local language.

Additional methods for finding your destination:

Search by category:

Looking for nearby gas stations, parking or restaurants?

  1. Tap the Menu .
  2. Tap one of the category icons underneath the Search bar . Some popular categories include Parking , Gas stations , Food  and Coffee .
    You can also tap More  to see the categories as a list.
  3. Select the relevant result and tap Go to start navigation.

Find your destination with voice search:

Sick of typing? Search for a destination in Waze verbally.

  1. Tap the Menu .
  2. Tap the Microphone .
  3. Say the name or address of the destination.
  4. Tap Search and tap the correct address to start navigation.

*Helpful tip: make sure you've enabled microphone access in your phone settings.

Find your destination with coordinate points:

Search for a destination using latitude and longitude coordinates:

  1. ​Tap the Menu .
  2. Enter numerical coordinates for latitude and longitude in the Search bar  
    1. Longitude: East is positive, West is negative
    2. Latitude: North is positive, South is negative
  3. Tap Search.

Example: in the United States, Disney's Epcot Center in Orlando, Florida is located at coordinates 28.375144,-81.549033.


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