Search for your destination

Navigate to a specific address, business or contact with one of the options below.

  • Tap on the map, tap the Search bar at the top and type to find your destination .
  • Tap Search  and then type in the Search bar .

Search is supported both in English and the local language.

Other ways to find your destination:

Search by category:

Looking for nearby gas stations, parking or restaurants?

  1. Tap Search .
  2. Tap one of the category icons underneath the Search bar . Some popular categories include Parking , Gas stations , Food  and Coffee .
    You can also tap More  to see the categories as a list.
  3. Select the relevant result and tap Go to start navigation.

Use voice search:

Search for a destination in Waze verbally.

  1. Tap Search .
  2. Tap the Microphone .
  3. Say the name or address of the destination.
  4. Tap Search and tap the correct address to start navigation.

*Helpful tip: make sure you've enabled microphone access in your phone settings.

Waze now supports Voice Commands in select locations (English only). 

Navigate to a friend:

Navigate to a friend when you follow the steps below:

  1. Tap Search .
  2. Type your friend's name and tap when you see it.
  3. Waze searches for the address associated with the contact, and will show a list of addresses like a regular search. Tap the correct search result.
  4. Tap Go to start navigation.

*Helpful tip: you can only navigate to contacts if you enabled access to your phone contact list. If you have enabled access, you can only navigate to friends who have an address saved in your phone.

Look for your destination using coordinate points:

Search for a destination using latitude and longitude coordinates:

  1. ​Tap Search .
  2. Enter numerical coordinates for latitude and longitude in the Search bar  
    1. Longitude: East is positive, West is negative
    2. Latitude: North is positive, South is negative
  3. Tap Search.

Example: in the United States, Disney's Epcot Center in Orlando, Florida is located at coordinates 28.375144,-81.549033.

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