Log in to the Waze Map Editor

The Waze Map Editor is a tool used by our amazing volunteer map editors to keep our map up to date. The editors update the map based off of real-time reports and information provided by Wazers and our partners. As an editor, you can use this tool to edit routes, add road closures, and manage events.

Log in to the Waze Map Editor and contribute to the map. The most common way to log in is with a QR code.

Tip: Try the Waze Map Editor in practice mode first to learn how to edit without affecting the map.

  1. Go to the Waze Map Editor
  2. Click Get started
  3. Scan the QR code using your phone’s camera. You can also sign in to your Waze account or your Google account.
  4. Tap Yes, it's me

Can’t scan the QR code?

Check your device's version


You need Android 9 or higher to scan QR codes with your device’s built-in camera. Learn how to check and update your Android version.

Can’t update Android? If your device can’t run Android 9 or higher, you can download an app to scan QR codes.


You need iOS 13 or higher to scan QR codes with your device’s built-in camera. Learn how to update your iOS version.

Can’t update iOS? If your device can’t run iOS 13 or higher, you can download an app to scan QR codes. Search for "QR code scanner" in the App Store.

Turn on QR scanner settings

Your QR scanner may be turned off in your device's settings.
Search for "QR" in your device's settings and turn on QR scanning.

Turn up your brightness

Make sure the screen showing the QR code is bright enough for the camera to see the code.

Clean your camera lens

A smudged camera lens can interfere with scanning a QR code. Try cleaning it with a lens wipe or a soft, clean cloth.

Keep your phone upright

If your phone is tilted, the camera may have trouble scanning the QR code.

Find the right distance

Hold your camera near the QR code. Then, slowly move the camera away from the QR code until your camera is able to scan it.

Got questions?

Why can't I edit the map?

There are a few reasons why this might happen:
  • You can only edit areas where you’ve driven with Waze in the last few months, while logged into this account. You can check your navigation history to see which areas appear.

  • You can only edit an area if you have the relevant map editor level, or have manager permissions for it. You can still suggest an edit and our editing community will take a look.

Note: If you've driven in the area, and have the necessary role and level, please visit our Community forums and get in touch with your local or regional champs.

Need more help? Check out our Waze Community forum for more questions and answers about Map editing

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