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Port Parked Nbr from NumberBarn incomplete? I requested to replace GV number with parked number from Numberbarn. During the request process, I w…
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Google voice set up I'm trying to set up Google voice on my phone but with another gmail account of mine...not the one I… Hi. My old GV number was reclaimed and I want it back. Please help! Everything. I need to speak to someone for help! Calls originating from a landline are not ringing on my phone. My mobile is connected to a GV #. When I receive calls from a mobile number to my mobile, it rings a… My Google Voice recording is not showing up in Voicemail. I am just wondering why the recording is not in my Voicemail. I did the same steps I always do and t…
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GV as default dialer Any plans to make GV a proper dialer that can be selected as the default? Hangouts allows this. That… Invalid Number I had a google voice number for several years and moved to a different state. I wanted to get a new …
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New Google Voice Activation With Fi as Primary Number I would like to create a new google voice number for a Google account I use for work-related emails,…
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Landline phone number accepted as a mobile phone number while Porting? I entered a landline number to check if it could port to Voice and It was recognized as a valid mobi…
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My google voice stopped working, its writing error loading conversation counters and i havent use it Its not sending texts and it can't receive texts, doesn't load history of conversations, doesn't loa…
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My G-Suite account does not have a Voice Number - How do I get one assigned? I have followed the steps detailed in the Help article: https://support.google.com/voice/answer/1151…
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i send an appel 5 days ago and i need my number back ASAP so please please call me back and help me I Need my google voice number back ASAP please help me ! I have made my transactions successfully and the credit didn't change, and there is no refund. At first, the transactions didn't succeed(20$), but later I tried to fix it at Google pay and the tr…
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I need it back I can't receive messages Phone Number Removed from Account and Can't Re-Add One Hello, Recently, my Google Voice number expired. I would like to add a new replacement Voice number …
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I need a refund I need to talk to a representative to inquire about a refund
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Google Voice quit forwarding calls to my email For years, GV forwarded my calls to my comcast email. Recently it quit working. Checking settings sh…
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Your account is not authorized to make calls to this number When trying to make a call I get a message that says, your account is not authorized to make calls t…
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