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About Google Voice account types

You can sign up for Google Voice with a personal account or an account from your work or school. Your organization may give you a Voice for Google Workspace account that they manage and pay for. Here's how you can verify the type of account you have.

Check for a managed Voice for Google Workspace account

  1. On your computer, open Google Voice.
  2. At the top right, click Settings .
  3. Under "Account,"  find the text, "This account is managed by your Google Workspace administrator."
    • If you get this message, you have a Voice for Google Workspace account and your organization handles your billing.
    • If you don't get this message, you have either a personal account, or a work or school account, that's not managed by your organization.

Tip: If you signed up for a Google Voice account before Voice for Google Workspace was available, you may have the legacy unmanaged Google Voice service linked to your Google Workspace account.

Features you have depend on your account

The features available depend on the type of Google Voice account you have. For example, if you have a Voice for Google Workspace account:

  • Your Google Workspace administrator manages your account. Who is my administrator?
  • Your calls are billed centrally to your organization.
  • You get integrations with other Google Workspace services, such as Google Calendar and Meet.

For details about the differences between a personal account and a Voice for Google Workspace account, review the table below.

Compare features by account type

Users and locations Google Workspace account (managed) Personal account
Maximum number of users 10 to unlimited* 1
Phone number in local country/region 13 countries/regions*
(and expanding)
US only
International locations Unlimited*

* Depends on Voice for Google Workspace subscription.

Features Google Workspace account (managed) Personal account
Forward calls to linked numbers
Voicemail transcripts
Mobile apps: Android & iPhone or iPad
Don't need to verify account with another phone number
"Do not disturb" based on Calendar working hours
Identify incoming Google Meet calls
Use contacts from corporate directory
Desk phone compatibility
Auto attendants
Ring groups*
Add credit to make calls Billed to organization

* Available to organizations in the beta program.

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