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You can use Google Voice to send and receive text (SMS) messages.

Text messages will be sent through your data plan, as opposed to your text messaging plan, so there won't be any text messaging charges for messages sent to numbers in the US or Canada.

Send a text message

  1. Open your Inbox.
  2. Press Menu and touch Compose.
  3. Enter the phone number to which you want to send the message. You can also enter the name of a contact with a mobile number.
  4. Enter a short text message.
  5. Touch Send.

Your Google Voice number will show to the person you're messaging.

You can also send text messages by selecting the person's number under Contacts. You'll be prompted to complete the action using Google Voice or Messaging, and you have the option to set Google Voice as your defaut selection.

Read and reply to a text message

When someone sends a text message to your Google Voice number, you receive a notification that it’s in your Google Voice Inbox.

  1. Open the Notifications panel and touch the notification that you have a message. You can also touch any message that’s in your Inbox. The message, and any previous messages in the conversation, is displayed.

  2. To reply to the message, enter a short message and touch Send.

Note: If you have your mobile phone listed as one of your forwarding phones, replies will come to your Android Messaging app. Depending on your carrier, you may be charged for your received text messages. 

To disable this and only have messages sent to the Google Voice app:

  1. Sign in at voice.google.com,
  2. Go to Settings > Voice settings > Phones > (your iPhone number) > Edit > Receive text messages on this phone
  3. Uncheck and Save.

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