About Google Voice on Sprint

Sprint and Google Voice are working together to give you ultimate control over your voice experience! By enabling Google Voice on your Sprint phone you'll get all of these awesome features and more:

  • One number for all of your phones- Now you never have to miss another important phone call. You can customize your Google Voice settings so that when someone calls your Sprint number, it will ring all of your other phones and even your computer! (Learn More)
  • Custom voicemail greeting based on whose calling you- You also have the freedom to set up custom voicemail greetings for your friends, family, and colleagues. (Learn More)
  • Voicemail that acts like email- You can have your voice messages transcribed and sent directly to your inbox or sent to your phone as a text message. (Learn More)
  • Call Screening- Not sure whether you want to answer a call? With Google Voice you can listen to a voice message as the caller is leaving it and pick up at any time (or not). (Learn More)

To learn more check out this video: