Place Google Groups on hold

Use holds to preserve data indefinitely to meet legal or preservation obligations.

If a user who's subject to a hold deletes data, it's removed from the user's view, but the data is preserved in Vault. As long as the hold is in place, you can search and export that data.

Note: Vault can hold messages in groups that have archiving is turned on. However, group owners can turn archiving on or off for their groups. If a group owner turns archiving off, the messages from that group are still available in user mailboxes.

For more information about holds, see the holds FAQ.

Messages on hold are visible to users

When you create a hold, messages covered by the hold will remain visible to the user, even if a retention rule should have removed the messages from that user's view.

Place Groups on hold

  1. Create or open the matter that will contain the hold.
  2. Click Create Hold.
  3. Enter a unique name for the hold. 
  4. Choose the type of hold: Groups.
  5. Use the drop-down list to apply the hold to either individual accounts or to an entire organizational unit:
    • Group accounts—enter one or more groups to place on hold.
    • All groups—apply the hold to all groups in the domain. 
  6. Set the conditions for the hold:
    • Sent date—You can use a range of dates to hold messages. If you enter a date only in the first field, all messages on or after that date are held. If you enter a date only in the second field, all messages before or on that date are are held. Leave this field blank to apply the hold to all messages.
    • Terms—You can use search terms and operators to specify message contents to be held.
  7. Click Save to create the hold.

Modify an existing hold on Groups

You can change some of the criteria of an existing hold. However, you can't change the data type.

  1. Open the matter that contains the hold.
  2. Click the hold, then click Edit Hold.
  3. For holds that apply to individual groups, you can add or remove groups. You can't modify groups for holds that apply to all groups in the domain.
  4. Modify any of the following:
    • Sent date—Expand or restrict the range of dates subject to hold.
    • Terms—Add or remove search terms and operators to change which messages are subject to this hold.
  5. Click Save.
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