Prepare your customer service team

Share this section with your customer service team to educate them about the program. They'll need to be able to answer any user questions about the program and will need to log into the Google Trusted Stores merchant account to resolve any escalated customer issues.

Quick overview
How it works

Quick overview

  • The Google Trusted Stores program helps shoppers feel confident in their purchases across the web.
  • Merchants are evaluated for inclusion in the program based on the customer experience they offer. The Google Trusted Store badge is only displayed on sites that have demonstrated excellent shipping and customer service.
  • Participating merchants will display a badge in the lower right-hand corner of their site indicating that they are a Google Trusted Store.
  • Customers will have the option to opt in to Google Trusted Stores purchase protection upon completion of their order.
  • Customer participation in Google Trusted Stores order protection is optional and free.
  • Merchants do not pay to become a Google Trusted Store or to participate in the program.

How it works


The Google Trusted Store badge lets shoppers know that your store is a great place to shop. To earn the badge, stores work with Google to demonstrate that they ship on time, have low occurrence of customer issues, and resolve customer issues quickly.

The Google Trusted Store badge

Sites that qualify by meeting the program performance standards display a Google Trusted Store badge on each page of their site. By hovering over the badge, shoppers can view a report card that displays performance data for shipping time and customer satisfaction.

Shopper protection

When customers make a purchase at a Google Trusted Store, they can opt in to receive free $1,000 lifetime purchase protection from Google. When customers opt in to purchase protection, the store shares the order information with Google. Learn more about purchase protection.

Then, if issues arise, customers can request Google’s help, and Google will work with the store and the customer to resolve the issue.

Eligible customer problems include the following:

  • The customer does not receive the correct item
  • The customer’s item is not in the promised condition
  • The customer is billed an incorrect amount
  • The item is not shipped in a timely manner
  • The merchant does not honor their return policies

Issue Resolution

If a customer has an issue with a protected order that they feel can’t be resolved after contacting you or attempting to contact you, the customer can contact Google (through the Google Trusted Stores customer account) for assistance.

Each time a customer contacts Google through their Google Trusted Stores customer account, an ‘issue’ is created. Details of this issue can be seen in your Google Trusted Stores merchant account at We’ll also send you an email when a customer submits a complaint. You'll be expected to acknowledge the claim and respond to Google and the customer within 1 business day, and resolve the issue within 4 business days.

Communication between you and the customer should happen outside the Google Trusted Stores merchant account tool (using your standard customer service management tool). The Google Trusted Stores merchant account is only a reporting tool to tell Google that an issue is resolved or that a refund has been issued. Order issues should be resolved with the customer first, and then updated in the Google Trusted Stores merchant account.

Once a resolution is agreed upon with the customer, you’ll need to update the issue in the Google Trusted Stores merchant account. Please note: All resolution actions taken in the account will send an automated email to the customer, which is why it is important for you to reach a resolution with the customer before updating the issue in your Google Trusted Stores merchant account. Additionally, all text entered in the resolution text box will be shared with the customer.

If an issue is not addressed in four days or if the customer indicates in their account that they disagree with the proposed resolution, the issue will automatically be escalated to Google for investigation. At this point, no further action can be taken on the issue in the account. Google will review the details of the case and your store’s policies and determine a resolution (Google may reach out to you for more information at this point). In some cases, you may be instructed to accept a return, replace an item, or refund the buyer.

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