Performance metrics

Merchants in the Google Trusted Stores program have proven track records of reliable shipping, customer-friendly returns policies, and great customer service. Google evaluates participating merchants and monitors their shipping reliability and customer service performance to ensure a high quality online shopping experience. In addition, Google uses data provided by StellaService to evaluate merchants and provide additional helpful information to shoppers. StellaService is an independent company that objectively evaluates various parts of the shopping experience and rates the customer service performance of online businesses.

Merchants are evaluated on a variety of metrics, some of which will be displayed on the Google Trusted Store badge found on their website and other Google properties, as follows:

Customer service

  • Percentage of issue-free orders. An order is considered issue-free if a customer opts in for purchase protection and does not ask for Google's help in resolving an issue with their shopping experience. The percentage of issue-free orders is derived from dividing the number of customer escalations by the number of orders that customers have opted in for purchase protection. Participating merchants must maintain a low number of customers who experience order issues that require Google’s assistance.
  • Time to reply to customer emails measures the average number of hours it takes for the merchant to respond to a customer’s email.


  • Percentage of orders shipped on-time. Participating merchants must ship customers’ orders by the Estimated Ship Date specified at the time of purchase. Shipments are considered “on-time” when they are shipped by the Estimated Ship Date that you provide to Google; the shipping performance metric displayed on your Google Trusted Store badge is dependent on the accuracy of each order's Estimated Ship Date, which is provided to customers if they choose to protect their order through the Google Trusted Stores program.
  • Time to deliver measures the average number of days for an order to be delivered to the customer based on the date the order was placed.


  • Return window measures the number of days that the merchant agrees to accept a standard return (subject to exclusions). A link to your standard returns policy is also provided.
  • Time to process returns measures the average number of days it takes for the merchant to issue a refund after receiving a return in their warehouse.

In cases where data is not available or relevant, Google may display alternate metrics on the badge. For example:

  • Returns section may not display for some merchants.
  • Time to ship may display in place of time to deliver. Time to ship measures the average number of days it takes for an order to be shipped based on the date the order was placed. Participating merchants must ship an order in a timely manner.
  • Fast issue resolution may display in place of time to reply to customer e-mails. Participating merchants must resolve any customer issues in a timely manner. Merchants should have a high percentage of issues that are resolved quickly.

For more information on additional performance standards that merchants must maintain for the duration of their participation in the program, visit the Google Trusted Stores Merchant Guidelines.

Pre-orders, backorders, and cancelled orders

Google calculates the above grades based on the accuracy of shipping estimates you provide to Google and to your customers. For example, if you tell Google that an order will ship in 3 weeks and shipment occurs within 3 weeks, the order is considered “on-time”. For a limited number of orders, if you do not know when you will be able to ship a particular order or product, you can exclude these orders from your account's shipping performance metrics by marking these orders as pre-orders or backorders in the Google Trusted Stores order confirmation module code.

Orders that are cancelled for any reason must be reported to Google via data feeds in order to avoid any negative impacts to your performance grades.

Performance metrics for multi-domain accounts

If you have multiple stores in your Google Trusted Stores account, shipping and customer service metrics will be aggregated across all domains to calculate your performance metrics. If you prefer to segregate the metrics by domain, you will need to create an individual account for each domain. Learn more.