Order confirmation module

After completing a purchase at a Google Trusted Store, customers will be offered the opportunity to opt in for free purchase protection from Google via the Google Trusted Stores order confirmation module that pops up on your store’s order confirmation page.

A customer can choose to protect their order by clicking Yes, activate this free benefit on the order confirmation module or dismiss the prompt by clicking No, thanks.

When your customer chooses purchase protection under the Google Trusted Stores program, Google will send an email confirmation of the order’s details, including its estimated ship date, your store’s customer service contact information, and a link to their Google Trusted Stores Customer account.

If your customer chooses not to protect their order, the order confirmation module will disappear and anonymized order conversion details are sent to Google.

Placement on your site

The Google Trusted Stores order confirmation module appears at the end of each transaction in the center of your store’s order confirmation page. While the order confirmation module cannot be resized, you may request a special configuration in which the module appears in the bottom right-hand corner of your confirmation page. Please contact us to request this special configuration.

The order confirmation module may vary slightly in size and location as as we continue to experiment and find the configuration that drives optimal performance for all our partners and customers in the Google Trusted Stores program.