Account setup

Create your account

To create your Google Trusted Stores Merchant account:

  1. Visit
  2. Check the box to confirm that your business operates in the U.S.
  3. Click the Apply now button.
Make sure you are signed in to the Google Account that you want to associate with your Google Trusted Stores account. The Google Account you choose to create your account with cannot be removed or changed.

Tell us about your business

After you create your account, provide some basic information about your business and your domain (“store”). The first section focuses on information to be shared with Google; the second section focuses on information that will be shared with customers.

Information For Google

The contact information you share in the “Information for Google” section will not be shown to your customers. Keep this section up-to-date; we will use this information to contact you about your Google Trusted Stores application, ongoing account performance, and customer issues once your store is approved to be a Google Trusted Store.

  • Primary contact information. We will contact this person regarding your Google Trusted Stores application and ongoing account performance.
  • Administrators. Add up to 5 additional administrators who can sign in and access your Google Trusted Stores account. Administrators must be Google Accounts. Learn more about Google Accounts.
  • Automated notifications. As part of your participation in the program, you will receive email alerts of customer issues that need to be resolved. Provide the contact information of someone that will be able to receive and address these emails. We recommend that you provide the email address of a customer service team lead or a customer service team email alias. Learn more about managing customer issues.

Information for customers

The information you share in this section for each store will be available to your customers.

  • Store information. Provide the name of your store and a logo that your customers will recognize. The logo you submit will appear in two places:
    • On the top left corner of the Google Trusted Store badge
    • In your customer's Google Trusted Stores Customer account when they view protected orders from your store
  • Customer support information. Your customers will see this information in their Google Trusted Stores Customer account and will be encouraged to contact you if they have any issues with their protected orders.
  • Web addresses. Enter the webpage addresses (URLs) where customers can learn about your business.
  • The Google Trusted Stores Badge On Google Shopping. If you participate in Google Shopping and would like your Google Trusted Store badge to display on your Shopping results and Product Listing Ads, the URL for your "Main web site" in the “Web Addresses” section must match the Website URL in your Merchant Center account settings. Learn more.
  • If you manage more than one store, you can add additional stores to your account. Learn more.