August 24, 2023: Travel Trends, Sustainability, and Google Flights Opportunity

We are excited to announce a new release of TAC! 

What's New

Travel Trends

Travel Trends allows you to analyze travel demand for eight travel categories (including bus, rail, car rentals, etc.). Users can customize the report along multiple dimensions, such as query type, travel subcategory, language, device, and geography. Travel Trends also supports flexible date ranges and period-over-period comparisons. Get started here.

The Travel Trends dashboard introduces the following powerful features:

  • View user demand for 8 Travel categories.
  • Flexible data ranges, including custom period-over-period comparison. 
  • Flexible filters and column selection for dimensions such as platform, language, travel subcategory, user, origin, and destination locations. 
  • Improved rendering speed.

See the Travel Trends page for more information. Please share your feedback here.

Google Flights Opportunity (Airline Partners)

TAC’s new Opportunity dashboard is a tool that helps airline partners understand how to increase revenue from Google Flights. By providing insights into the number of missed booking opportunities on our platform, the dashboard helps you identify areas to improve your integration with Google Flights and increase referrals and conversion rates. See the Google Flights Opportunity page for more information.

Google Flights Sustainability (Airline Partners)

For our airline partners, TAC now provides sustainability dashboards with insights into which of your flights are labeled as low / typical / high emissions and how they compare to other options displayed in Google Flights. The dashboards also monitor the evolution of your inventory from a sustainability standpoint. See the Sustainability page for more information. 

Other Updates

Enterprise Flights Reports Refresh

Enterprise Flights partners will see some minor changes to the Operational reports. The reports have been updated to use the same visual elements as our new Travel Trends tool. No changes were made to the metrics. Please file feedback using the ‘Send Feedback’ button if you encounter any issues.

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