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Get gender-specific translations

In some languages, you can get both feminine and masculine translations for some gender-neutral words, phrases and sentences. A “Translations are gender-specific” message shows above the 2 translations.

You can get gender-specific translations on Google Translate in a browser, like Chrome or Firefox.

Use available languages & lengths

In several languages, you can get gender-specific translations for single words. In fewer languages, you can also get gender-specific translations for short phrases and sentences that mention a person in a gender-neutral way.

Gender-specific translations in more languages are coming soon.

Understand gender-specific translation order

Gender-specific translations show in alphabetical order by gender label. For example, in English, “feminine” comes alphabetically before “masculine.”

In languages without alphabets, gender-specific translations show in each language’s standard indexing order by gender label.

Troubleshoot gender-specific translations

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