Translate images

You can use your phone’s camera to translate text in the Translate app Translate app. For example, you can translate signs or handwritten notes.

Translate text in images

You can translate text in images from your device on Google Translate.

Important: The translation accuracy depends on the clarity of the text. Translation of small, unclear, or stylized text may result in lower accuracy.

To translate text within an image:

  1. On your browser, go to Google Translate.
  2. At the top, select the Images tab.
  3. Choose the language that you want to translate to and from.
    • From: Choose a language or select Detect language.
    • To: Select the language that you want the translation in. 
  4. To choose an image that you want to translate, click Browse your computer.

Work with translated text

Once the image is translated, you can copy the translated text or download the translated image. In the top corner, click Clear  to start a new image translation.

At the top of the image, choose an option:

  • Show original text: To show the original text side by side with the translated text, turn on Show original.
  • Enlarge translated text: To make the translated image larger, turn off Show original.
  • Copy text: To copy the translated text, click Copy text .
  • Download translated image: To download the translated image, click Download translation .

Tip: On smaller screens, if “Show original" is turned on, you won’t be able to check translated text side-by-side.

Get the best results

To get the best translation results for your images:

  • Check that the “Translate from” and “Translate to” languages are correct.
  • Upload clear images with commonly used fonts for best results.

Send feedback

To send feedback, click Send feedback.

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