Track feed issues

Whenever there are problems with your feed, you will receive an email notification. Make sure that your email notification settings are accurate and up-to-date in the Transit Partner Dashboard so that you receive emails about new feed issues in a timely manner. (Learn more about configuring email notifications.)

To track issues associated with your feed or to provide feedback to a specific issue:

  1. Open the Transit Partner Dashboard

  2. Select your feed

  3. Click Static Feed

  4. Click Issues to bring up the Feed Issues view

  5. Click the Open, Resolved, or Archived tabs to browse issues

  6. Select an issue from the list

Each listed issue includes a reply field that allows you to communicate directly with your Google Transit team. If you need to resolve an issue that may not have an obvious cause, send us a reply asking for further information or assistance. Also, send a reply to provide us with feedback after you have resolved an issue.

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