Access the Transit partner dashboard

You can manage account access and other settings in the Transit partner dashboard. Once you grant access, you can edit a user's access level or remove their access altogether.

Your dashboard has 3 levels of access control:

  • Owner: Make changes in the dashboard and add or remove other users
  • Edit (recommended): Make changes in the dashboard (e.g. upload or delete a feed)
  • View: Read-only access

How to access the Transit partner dashboard

After you confirm that you're eligible to participate in Google Transit, you’re ready to access the Transit partner dashboard. To access your dashboard, submit an interest form. Google reviews your request and, if it’s approved, creates a Transit partner dashboard for you. Our Transit partner dashboard allows you to monitor and manage your feed. 

The contact email address provided in your interest form automatically gets owner access and can provide either “Edit” or “View” access to more users in Settings

To get access to the dashboard, make sure your email address is associated with a Google Account. Create a new Google Account, or learn how to associate an email with a Google Account.

If you have any problems with access to the Transit Partner Dashboard, email your Google team.

How to customize notifications

Each user can customize which notifications they receive from the Transit partner dashboard. To provide insight into any issues with your feed, email notifications are sent regularly. We recommend that you provide at least one technical contact to address data issues in case we run into problems with your feed.

Set up notifications to provide the information that’s most relevant to you using the following steps:

  1. Open the Transit partner dashboard.
  2. In the upper right corner, click Settings Settings.
  3. Select Email notification settings.
  4. Add email addresses to receive notification.
  5. Select which types of notifications to receive in the menu.
  6. Click Save.
  Feed expire warning Issue tracker Fetch issues Processing issues
Google Account with access to partner dashboard X X    
Always email X X X X
Email on error   X X X
Email on non-empty fetches, warnings, or errors X X X X
Email on empty fetches, warnings, or errors X X X X
Email on warning or error X X X X

Note: If notifications are turned on, all email addresses listed under Email notification settings for your account are opted in to receive notifications. 

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