You can control tag firing prioritization in the Advanced Settings of a tag.

  • Tag Firing Priority: Determines the order in which tags will be fired. The value can be a positive or negative integer, and tags with higher values will fire before those with lower values. (For example, a priority 3 tag will fire before a priority 1 or 2 tag.) Priority defaults to 0 if no value is specified. Tags will still fire asynchronously.
  • Enable custom tag firing schedule: Specifies that the tag should fire during a specified timeframe.
    Note: When selecting the checkbox to use a custom tag firing schedule, both a start and end date must be entered, and the end date and time must occur later than the start date and time.
  • Only fire this tag in published containers: Prevents tags from firing in test environments (e.g., during previewing and debugging). When applicable, Tag Manager will tell you when the tag would have fired. For the most accurate testing, leave this option unchecked.
​For more precise control, use Tag Sequencing to specify exactly which tags fire before and after a given tag.
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