The Google Analytics: GA4 Configuration tag is now the Google tag. GA4 Configuration tags in a web container will be automatically migrated starting in September. There are no changes to your existing measurement and there is no action required from you. Learn more

Set up your Google tag with Typo3

If you have a tag ID starting with “G-”, or with "AW-", follow the steps below to integrate your account with Google Ads and Google Analytics.

Before you begin

To integrate your Google tag with Typo3, you’ll need:

Don’t add more than one Google tag to each page of your website.


  1. Log in to your Typo 3 account.
  2. From the menu on the left, click Extensions.
  3. From the dropdown at the top of the page, select Get Extensions. Then type “Google Analytics and Adwords” in the search box and click Go.
  4. Click the download icon next to the "Google Analytics And Adwords" result. An animated GIF demonstrating how to get the Google Analytics and Adwords extension on Typo3.
  5. A popup in the right-hand corner will indicate installation success.
    A notification that the Google Analytics and Adwords extension is installed on Typo3.
  6. Click the icon on the row under “A/D” to confirm that the extension is activated.
    A screenshot of Google Analytics and Adwords as part of the Installed Extensions on Typo3.
  7. Click List on the left hand side and create a new folder within any folder containing data and name it something unique, in this case “Services”.
  8. Right-click the folder and click the “Enable” switch. An animated GIF demonstrating how to enable the created "Services" folder on Typo3.
  9. Click the “Services” folder and click the + sign to create a new record. An animated GIF demonstrating how to create a new record under the "Services" folder on Typo3.
  10. Click Service under “Global Site Tag”.
    A screenshot of the location of the "Service" folder under the "Global Site Tag (gtag.js)" folder in Typo3.
  11. Enter your Google tag ID in the search field.
  12. Click Save and then Close. An animated GIF demonstrating how to add a Google Ads, AdWords or Analytics measurement ID on Typo3.
  13. Click the lightning icon on the toolbar to clear the cache. An animated GIF demonstrating how to clear the cache on Typo3.
  14. The plugin can now be inserted onto all pages within your website.

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