For help on common issues with your Google Store order, take a look at this guide.

Edit or cancel your Google Store order

Important: You can’t edit or cancel your order once it shows as 'Prepared to deliver'.

Change or cancel your order

Change delivery address

To change the delivery address:

  1. Go to your Google Store order history.
  2. Find the delivery that you want to change.
  3. Select View order.
  4. Select Change delivery address.
    • If you don’t find this option, it’s too late to change the delivery address.
  5. Choose your new delivery address. If the address that you want isn’t there, select Add another address.
  6. Select Confirm changes.

You’ll get an email that confirms your delivery address change.

Tip: If you have multiple deliveries, you must change the address for each delivery.

For Japanese customers:

  • You only have an hour after your purchase to edit your delivery address.
  • If you can't find the option to change your delivery address on the Order details page, our partner courier has already processed your order and the address can't be changed.
  • If you need to change the delivery address, contact the courier or submit a request to Japan Post once the delivery notice is confirmed.
If you don't have a delivery notice, the courier can't update the delivery address. For more info, check with Japan Post.

Cancel a delivery

To stop or cancel a delivery:

  1. Go to your Google Store order history.
  2. Find the order with the delivery that you want to cancel.
  3. Select View or edit order.
  4. Select Cancel delivery.
    • If this isn’t an option, it’s too late to cancel the delivery. You can return your order after delivery.

You’ll get an email that confirms your delivery is cancelled.

If your order is split into multiple deliveries: You can cancel each delivery separately.

If the cancelled order includes a device trade-in: The trade-in will be automatically cancelled. You can place a separate order and trade in a device at a different time.

If your order has already been dispatched: You can refuse the delivery. If you want a refund, you must contact Google Store support. You can either refuse a delivery in person or leave a note on your door. The driver may still leave the order, in which case you can return your order at a later date.

If you received your order and you're within the return period: You can initiate a return on the Google Store order history page. Choose the order that you want to return and follow the on-screen instructions.

If you are still unable to cancel or change your Google Store order, contact Google Store support.
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