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Create and manage search engine accounts

Authorize a Yahoo! Japan engine account

When you create or edit a Yahoo! Japan engine account in Search Ads 360, you’ll need to authorize Search Ads 360 to access your Yahoo! Japan account. 

You may be required to re-authorize Search Ads 360 if changes are made to the Yahoo! Japan account that was used to authorize Search Ads 360. For example:

  • Someone changed the Business ID for the Yahoo! Japan account. (Password changes don't require re-authorization.)
  • Someone made other changes to Yahoo! Japan account's security settings
  • Someone added or removed Yahoo! Japan accounts, or made other structural changes.

Note that this Yahoo! Japan account may not be your Yahoo! Japan account: it's the account that was used to authorize Search Ads 360 to manage your Yahoo! Japan account. Some types of changes to this account can cause Search Ads 360 to lose its authorization. If this happens, Search Ads 360 will prompt you to re-authorize.

Authorize Search Ads 360 to access your Yahoo! Japan account


  1. In Search Ads 360, start creating an engine account or editing an engine account.

  2. Under Authorization in the Engine details section, click the Authorize button.

  3. Sign in to the Yahoo! Japan account. Then grant Search Ads 360 permission to access and update information in your Yahoo! Japan account.

When you finish, the warning in the Engine details section no longer appears. If you click the Authorize link again, Search Ads 360 will request authorization again from your Yahoo! Japan account.

You will need to authorize each Yahoo! Japan account. 

Verify the authorization status of your Yahoo! Japan engine account

To verify that Search Ads 360 is authorized to access your Yahoo! Japan engine account:

  • In Search Ads 360, navigate to an advertiser and check the Authorization status column in the reporting table. The authorization status column displays one of the following:

    The Authorization status updated column indicates the last time the authorization status was updated. The status is updated several times each day.

    • OK indicates that the engine account is successfully associated with Search Ads 360
    • OAuth authorization needed indicates that Search Ads 360 must be authorized to access your Yahoo! Japan account

Do I need to authorize all of my existing accounts now?

No. You have until July 31, 2020 to authorize all of your Yahoo! Japan accounts.

After July 31, your accounts won't sync or traffic until the accounts are authorized. 

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